The BESA - Building Engineering Services Association

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The BESA - Building Engineering Services Association



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    Content: BESA is the UK's leading trade organisation representing the interests of firms in all aspects of engineering systems and services in buildings.

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  • Href: /brexit/
    Title: Brexit
  • Href: /constitution/
    Title: Constitution
  • Href:
    Title: Keep up-to-date with the latest regulations and best practice with BESA Publications. the industry’s authoritative publisher of information in print and online.
  • Href:
    Title: Tailored employee benefits and pensions solutions for your employees. Whether it is complying with pensions auto-enrolment or offering a range of benefits such as medical insurance or life cover, Welplan has you covered.
  • Href:
    Title: The definitive standard for building maintenance, designed to save building owners, facilities managers, contractors, consultants and end users time, energy and money
  • Href:
    Title: Building Engineering Services Training, Building Apprenticeships, Construction Training
  • Href:
    Title: BESCA operates Certification Schemes to assess, certify and register the competence of contractors and individuals engaged in the building and engineering services industry.
  • Href:
    Title: The industry’s leading F-Gas Certification Scheme.
  • Href:
    Title: Engineering Services SKILLcard is the industry-recognised card issuing and personnel registration scheme for people working in the mechanical sector of the building services engineering industry throughout the UK
  • Href:
    Title: BESA has established the Alliance as a voluntary grouping of employment agencies which supply personnel to contractors across the building services engineering industry


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